Trust GXT 715 protector de piso para mueble Negro

Trust GXT 715, Negro, 990 mm, 1200 mm, 3.2 kg, 1 pieza(s)

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Room to play
Your Trust GXT gaming gear lets you fully emerge in your game and transports you to other worlds. But how about the world you leave behind? With the GXT 715 Chair mat, you don’t have to worry about damaging the floor or staining the carpet when you’re playing at full power.
You can avoid everyday wear and tear of your floor caused by moving around and prevent stains on your carpet from spilt drinks. The size of 99 x 120 cm (1.20 m2) makes sure it fits easily under most desks and gives you ample room to play! Its durable, long-lasting material allows you to use this chair mat on hard as well as low-pile carpeted surfaces.
Move in the right direction
Apart from protecting your floor, this gaming mat allows you to roll your game smoothly with any type of chair because of its hard, wear-resistant surface. Whether playing on a gaming chair or a classic office chair, this mat complements any gaming set-up!

Trust GXT 715. Color del producto: Negro. Ancho: 990 mm, Profundidad: 1200 mm, Peso: 3.2 kg. Cantidad por paquete: 1 pieza(s)
Color del productoNegro
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho990 mm
Profundidad1200 mm
Peso3.2 kg
Contenido del empaque
Cantidad por paquete1 pieza(s)
Detalles del producto
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