Manhattan 10m, 2xHDMI cable HDMI HDMI Tipo A (Estándar) Negro

Manhattan 10m, 2xHDMI, 10 m, HDMI Tipo A (Estándar), HDMI Tipo A (Estándar), 3840 x 2160 Pixeles, 3D, Negro

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High Speed Cables deliver high-definition performance with no tangles.
HDMI has become the standard digital connection, delivering the highest-quality audio and video signal over a single cable. With a flat, tangle-resistant design, gold-plated contacts and a sturdy yet flexible PVC jacket, Manhattan Flat High Speed HDMI Cables are designed and carefully constructed to meet the evolving needs of the high-definition marketplace. Manhattan High Speed HDMI Cables provide the highest resolution possible at 4K x 2K, an audio return channel and a bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps at 340 MHz. These high-quality cables provide high-definition video and multichannel, digital audio with increased performance characteristics, greater accuracy. Expanded features include Internet connectivity for home entertainment devices using a single HDMI connection. Plus, this cable's unique design makes it easy to roll up or out without worrying about snags and tangles.

Manhattan 10m, 2xHDMI. Longitud de cable: 10 m, Conector 1: HDMI Tipo A (Estándar), Género del conector 1: Macho, Conector 2: HDMI Tipo A (Estándar), Género del conector 2: Macho, Contactos del conector chapado: Oro, 3D, Máxima resolución: 3840 x 2160 Pixeles, Velocidad de transferencia de datos: 10.2 Gbit/s, Canal de retorno de audio (ARC), Color del producto: Negro
Longitud de cable10 m
Conector 1HDMI Tipo A (Estándar)
Conector 2HDMI Tipo A (Estándar)
Género del conector 1Macho
Género del conector 2Macho
Factor de forma de conector 1Derecho
Factor de forma de conector 2Derecho
Color del productoNegro
Formatos gráficos soportados3840 x 2160
Formato de vídeo soportado1080p,2160p
Canal de retorno de audio (ARC)Si
Canal HDMI EthernetSi
Velocidad de transferencia de datos10.2 Gbit/s
Ancho de banda340 MHz
Máxima resolución3840 x 2160 Pixeles
AWG calibre del cable28
Contactos del conector chapadoOro
Protegida magnéticamenteSi
Material del forro del cableCloruro de polivinilo (PVC)
Cantidad por paquete1 pieza(s)
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